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    We are so glad you are here and that you are ready to start the therapy that will get you on the path to living your best life.  Over the past few years, we have seen all the things and felt all the feelings, so it makes sense to be tired, overwhelmed, burnt out, over it, or just done. 

    Are you wondering if therapy could help?

    Does any of the following sound familiar?

    • You are someone that puts your wants and needs last
    • You question every decision you make
    • You apologize when you haven’t done anything wrong
    • You are worried about how other people are judging you
    • You worry when people you care about experience difficult emotions
    • You have a tendency to say ‘yes’ when you really want to say ‘no’

    If any (or all) of these fit, then therapy can help. 

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    feel better today.

    We see a range of clients who struggle with feeling overwhelmed with work, with parenting and with relationships, and help them find their strength again.  Life presents us with all sorts of challenges and it seems that once we get something figured out, another challenge comes along to knock us back down.  And if you struggle with anxiety or depression, things can seem even harder to get through.

    If you want to get your life back on track, we are here to help.  

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    Does any of this sound familiar?

    • I have a hard time knowing how I feel.
    • I struggle to believe that I am good enough.
    • I don’t know how to set or hold boundaries.
    • I feel lonely.
    • I overcommit because I don’t know how to say ‘no’.
    • I just want other people to be happy.
    • I push people away and don’t know why.
    • I feel like an imposter at work.
    • I get anxious when I don’t know what to expect.
    • I have a hard time trusting people.
    • I’m constantly looking for reasons ‘why’.
    • I experience physical symptoms of anxiety or depression (headaches, stomachaches, neck/shoulder tension)

    We get it and can help.

    Get started

    • If you are a new or expecting mom and unsure how to manage all the feelings coming up, we are here for you.
    • If you are struggling with pandemic dating and the loneliness is too much, we can help.
    • If your current relationship has lost its spark and you aren’t sure what else to do, we have tools to help get you back on track.
    • If you question your relationship with one or both of your parents and wonder if their behaviors are toxic, we can provide guidance.
    • If you are burnt out from helping those around you and need help to put you first, we can empower you to set boundaries.


    Providing tools and teaching practical skills to make lifelong changes.

    Therapy for Adult Individuals and Couples.

    Ways that counseling can help:

    • Increase confidence

    • Challenging thoughts to get out of the perfectionism / procrastination loop

    • Learn how to set and hold boundaries

    • Identify patterns of generational trauma to make positive changes

    • Increase self-esteem

    • Learn to feel good about yourself

    • Regain a sense of control

    • Manage stress and anxiety

    • Feel seen and heard

    • Find happiness and joy in life

    • Learn communication skills in relationships

    • Release past hurts that keep you stuck

    • Process trauma and grief

    You can feel more joy in life again.  Let’s get you there.

    Our practice uses evidenced-based treatment through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing to get you feeling well.  If you feel like your thoughts are working against you or you can’t seem to ‘snap out of it’, learning tools to challenge your thoughts can help.  We work with clients that become stuck in the perfectionism – procrastination loop; they really want to get things done, but their thoughts keep getting in the way.  Our team can help you break down this pattern so you can finally get stuff done. 

    You can have healthy, satisfying relationships in your life.

    Relationships can be another big source of stress.  We have all heard the buzz words around setting boundaries and being codependent – but what does that actually mean??  When you work with one of our counselors, you will learn the tools to identify, set and hold boundaries in order to create the relationships you desire. 

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    Conveniently located off Hwy 36 and US 287 in Broomfield, between Boulder and Denver, Colorado.  We are also providing telehealth services and can see anyone throughout the state of Colorado.

    If you are ready to…

    • Feel better

    • Enjoy life again

    • Be excited about being pregnant or being a new mom

    • Connect more authentically in your relationships

    • Feel happier and less depressed

    • Learn tools to increase your confidence in parenting

    • Achieve your goals

    • Reduce your stress

    • Finally make decisions for yourself

    • Feel more connected to your partner, children or parents

    • Learn skills to manage your stress and anxiety

    • Live your best life

        …Then let’s chat!

    If you’re interested in becoming a better, happier, more fulfilled you, we’d love to work with you every step of the way.
    Please contact me today!

    About Annika Papke

    I work with people that need help navigating their lives so they can move forward in a more meaningful direction. Often times our past experiences and relationships can significantly impact the way we work through current issues, good or bad. If you are looking for someone to listen in a safe space and ready for something to change then you are in the right place.

    Conveniently located in Broomfield between Boulder & Denver. 

    Online Serving all of Colorado.